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Chairman: Alan Smith, Woodhouse, Pole Moor, Scammonden,
Huddersfield, HD3 3FW. Tel 01484 842051

Secretary: Jo Norman, 01484 843576

Vice Chairman: Alan Eastwood, 01484 847069

Treasurer: Bill Best, 01484 845896

Social Organiser: Deborah Dalton, 01484 847968  Click to email  

Website: Alan Priest, 01484 847246  Click to email


Cluster Co-ordinators

Each sub area within the Pole Moor is called a 'Cluster' and each has a local co-ordinator who can be contacted as follows;

Cluster A Co-ordinator

Cluster B Co-ordinator

Cluster C Co-ordinator Libby McDonald.  Tel 07764 241889

Cluster D Co-ordinator

Cluster E Co-ordinator


Pole Moor & District Residents Interest Group