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If you have an interesting or attractive picture from Pole Moor & Vicinity and you would like it to appear here, please email it to Alan Priest with a few lines of explanation that can form a caption. If we receive enough pictures we may add different sections, such as a historical section with old photos for example. Click here to email.

Worts Hill with Pole Moor Chapel (submitted by Fred Raine). "From where we are the hill looks like a Cornish pasty, hence its name in our house".

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sky image small

Pole Moor Chapel from the residents' car park. Photo by Lynne Green.

Larger Image of Pole Moor Chapel

Pole Moor chapel

A wintery sunset. Photo by Lynne Green.

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Wintry sunset

A wintery view along Quebec Road (submitted by Fred Raine). Click image for a larger view (195k) in a new window

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Pole moor image

A tablet commorating the young men of Pole Moor Chapel & Sunday School who fell in the 1914-18 war. First unveiled in 1922, it stands in the entrance vestibule. Photo by Lynne Green

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Commemorative plaque